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The recent report was sent on the date: 2023-12-14. The current number 639 190779635 has 0 votes for Safe, 0 reports for Unsafe, and 0 scam alert. Please submit a report to help others become aware and prevent fraud in a timely manner.

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This number has 12 characters

There are 3 first numbers is 639

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Report by day of the month 2023/12

To avoid phone scams:
  1. Avoid sharing personal information unless you trust the caller.
  2. Verify the identity of the caller before providing any information.
  3. Be cautious of urgent or threatening calls and verify information independently.
  4. Check unknown phone numbers online to see if they are associated with scams.
  5. Don't answer suspicious calls; let them leave a message or call back from a trusted number.
  6. Keep your phone's security software updated.
  7. Use call-blocking apps to block unwanted calls.
  8. Avoid installing unfamiliar or suspicious apps on your phone. Stick to trusted sources such as official app stores and reputable developers to minimize the risk of downloading malicious or fraudulent applications.

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